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March 2020 Conseil Release

Changes Code big_map support with three new tables: big_maps, big_map_contents and originated_account_maps. New governance table New registered tokens table in preparation for FA1.2 support in the next release. Better logging of entry points for contract invocations Micheline-format operation parameters Account activation status recording Tracking baker active status Operation error reporting Added period to operations table The rolls table has been removed. Some minor performance and stability improvements Database

There are four new tables- governance, big_maps, big_map_contents, originated_account_maps and registered_tokens.

The rolls table has been removed.

Operational Notes

A current dump of the Conseil database in pg_dump tar format can be found at https://conseil-snapshots.s3.amazonaws.com/conseil_20200324.tar.gz.

Due to an oversight, the release is missing two neccessary database indexes which causes sluggish Lorre sunc times. They can be manually added using the following SQL:

CREATE INDEX ix_operations_cycle ON tezos.operations USING btree("cycle"); CREATE INDEX ix_operations_kind ON tezos.operations USING btree("kind");
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