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Making a basic tool in python for initiating a transaction from start to finish.

After going through the documentation of pytezos and the tezos Linux app I would like to make a python class to complete a transaction from start to finish. The Purpose of this script is to do basic transactions and contract interactions with the main-net from a python script that can be utilized in automation in addition to better learning these tools. I understand within pytezos how to create or set up the wallet, as it relates to priv, pub, pub-hash. I understand how to sign arbitrary data with this keep pair. but this is where I am starting to struggle. I am not sure how to forge a transaction, sign it correctly, and broadcast all of this to the network. From a system level I believe the operation would look something like: 1. Get/have a valid wallet keypair 1. Specify details of transaction 1. Forge transaction (can be done local or from a node, I would prefer to do what ever is easier) 1. Sign the transaction 1. some kind of reorganization? 1. Broadcast it to a specified node on the specified network. What I am asking is if anyone first and foremost has already done this and I can see the organization of that code. Second if any of the pytezo or baking bad ppl who are intimately familiar could outline which functions to use and how to use them or if anyone can provide help with this. If you have a well outlined solution that is not python based, I need to be able to at least interact with it from a python program.
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