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Mainframe and Tezos partner to support developer growth

Mainframe and Tezos Commons Work Together to Support Developer Growth

At Mainframe, we’re singularly focused on making it easier for developers to build unstoppable dapps using any blockchain. In support of this mission, we’re excited to announce an initiative working with one of the leading blockchain projects today: Tezos.

For those who don’t know, Tezos is a protocol and blockchain that offers an on-chain process in which stakeholders can govern the protocol and implement future innovations. The goal is to foster greater cohesion and clarity for the community surrounding the Tezos blockchain. Mainframe and the Tezos Commons Foundation (www.tezoscommons.org) will join forces to support each other on three shared objectives: Community building, dapp development, and developer tools.

“Blockchains are, by their very nature, products of communities,” said Sam Harrison, director of operations for Tezos Commons. “Over the past several months Mainframe has built a great community. We look forward to connecting our community with Mainframe’s in the goal of accelerating outreach and improving what we can build together.”

Mainframe and Tezos share the core commitment to advance blockchain development and adoption. With the Tezos Foundation (sister organization of Tezos Commons) announcing plans to train 1,000 developers in 2019, we’re eager to work side by side to accelerate developer experience building dapps using the Mainframe platform. “We’re witnessing an explosion of developer skills”, said Mick Hagen, Founder and CEO of Mainframe. “The blockchain community has turned towards building, and over the next several months with support from Tezos Commons, we’ll host events around the world focused on challenging those developer skills.”

“I do not foresee one all-powerful blockchain,” Sam Harrison said when asked about developer tools. “I see highly qualified, skilled developers emerging on multiple chains, building projects with the tools ...

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