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"Introducing Snapshots and History Modes for the Tezos Node" by Nomadic Labs

In this article, we introduce two new features for the Tezos node: snapshots and history modes.

A snapshot is a file that contains everything necessary to restore the state of a node at a given block. A node restored via a snapshot can synchronise and help other nodes synchronise in the existing network. The only difference is that you cannot query the chain context (balances, baking rights, etc.) before the restoration point, but you can still get the full chain history.

In conjunction, we also introduce history modes, which represent different policies for determining which past data a node should maintain. We propose three modes: archive (the current mode which keeps everything), full (the new default) and rolling. For now, snapshots can fire up a node in either full or rolling mode.

These new features allow a user to spawn and synchronise a Tezos node in a few minutes, from a single, untrusted file of about 150MB compressed with a truncated history, or 800MB with a full history. You can test all of that by using the mainnet-snapshots branch on Nomadic Labs’ Gitlab.

Be aware that this is not yet production ready, it would not be wise to replace your current infrastructure with nodes from this branch at this date. However, you are very welcome to experiment with it, and all reports will be useful if we want this feature to be merged in mainnet as soon as possible.

History modes

History modes allow the node to run without maintaining the full archives of the chain.

Here are the three first modes:

full nodes store all chain data since the beginning of the chain, but drop the archived contexts below the current checkpoint. In other words, you can still query any block or operation at any point in the chain, but you cannot query the balances or staking rights too far in the past. rolling nodes are currently the most lightweight, only keeping a minimal rolling fragment of the chain and deleting everythin...
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