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Interpop NFT Comic Series Emergents

Hey all! the interpop team just dropped their latest NFT Emergents comic. [https://interpopcomics.com/home](https://interpopcomics.com/home) This project is really exciting to me. The team is making a really cool product and the price is really approachable (2.5 xtz or \~10 USD for 1 copy of the comic). I've seen a lot of projects that really only value creating artificial scarcity for the sake of a cash grab (looking at you tezotopia), but this is a team that's putting quality first. They have a lot of big names behind the art and stories in the comics, and if you own a copy of a comic, you can vote on things like what the next cover art will be, or what main character will appear next. They just released issue #1. If you're interested in engaging in this project, you'll need to use kukai wallet. Make sure the link is correct! here's the legit link: [https://wallet.kukai.app/](https://wallet.kukai.app/) You'll need to use the kukai DirectAuth function in order to interact with the comic book website interface, more specifically, you'll need to link a google or twitter account with the kukai wallet. Once you've done that, you can login to the interpop website with that same google or twitter account and purchase/read the NFT comic. I did some testing and it's possible to store the NFTs in temple or seed phrase activated kukai wallets, but you wont be able to interact with them via the interpop interface.
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