InstaDEX, Tezos ticket for mass traction

self.tezos2m ago
The Tezos ecosystem as we know it needs a lot of traction if it intends to compete with other Blockchain network like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum etc. ​ During my research about this ecosystem, I came across a project, with their sole mission about helping new projects get on their feet, by helping them to raise fund, build communities and turn their ideas into products etc, this project is Instaraise. On their roadmap for 2022 Q2, is about building a DEX(called InstaDEX), one which will solve so many problems LPs in the conventional systems suffer. Let's be realistic, right, I myself have suffered enough Impermanent Losses in this Conventional AMM systems, forgive me if I jump at this DEX promising something better. ​ A Protection on Impermanent Loss, Single assets liquidity provisioning etc. I'm sounding so learned because I have read the litepaper and its got a good mechanism and strategy to work this DEX out. Lookup (@instaraise ) on twitter, check out their website and Telegram Channel. More so, it has been hinted that they're close to launching the InstaDEX, I'd be heading over to MEXC Global to get some $INSTA tokens on the ready to test out the functionalities of this DEX, you?