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Increasing staking rewards in advance of the upcoming mega-bull market

I don't know about you guys, but I have a feeling the entire cryptocurrency space is on the verge of another year long bull market hitting new all time highs for every mainstream crypto project. In light of this, there is going to be a huge surge in demand for Tezos, and yet the issuance rate remains fixed at 5%. What if we increase the rewards to something like 15-20% via an on chain amendment in order to dampen the price shock of the upcoming run and keep the price realistic as to not scare would be new entrants away. It's much easier for newcomers to swallow and couple dollar price, as opposed to hundreds of dollars. This would be a social consensus attempt to achieve something similar to what Ampleforth is doing with their oracle base price stabilization algorithm and supply elasticity. I believe there are benefits to keeping the price relatively stable in the face of rapid marketcap expansion, all while remaining non-dilutive for existing holders. Has anyone given this any thought? I wonder if there is any interest in something like this.
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