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In December Tezos overwhelmingly won a poll to be listed on coindodo. It' live now :))

[https://coindodo.io/tezos](https://coindodo.io/tezos) But the page is still a bit empty compared to the other coins. Please recommend me some youtube channels that regularly post content about Tezos. Or any other kind of information you would like to see. For ETH for example I show the current gas price. For Cardano a counter until next epoche..
Go to self.tezos
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DeFi 2.0 on Tezos: DAO Baker - part 1

This article was first published on XTZ.news. I will be posting my articles there and with a few days delay, I will post here on Publish0x. For all Tezos news you can follow me here, or follow @XTZNew...