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Importing existing wallet from Exodus to Temple Wallet or Kukai. Tz address is delegated. Some questions.

After a year hodling XTZ, I recently started to feel curiosity about Tezos DeFi. Until now, I had XTZ staked through Exodus for several reasons, such as UI/UX of desktop and mobile apps, and easy of staking in Tezos - just one click, it will automatically delegate to Everstake baker, dead simple. Looking in many of the DeFi apps, when connecting a wallet it usually is Temple, Kukai and a few others compatible with this system (beacon?). So, I proceeded to explore Kukai and Temple wallets. Like in any wallet, you have the possibility to import an existing wallet or create a new one. Here're my questions: 1. **If I import my tz address from my Exodus wallet to let's say, Temple Wallet, do I lose access to my address in Exodus wallet?** I understand the address is the address, the wallets are just the front-end for them and it shouldn't matter, but I just want to be sure. 2. In case the answer to 1 is that it is not a problem: **Can I use the XTZ that is being delegated through Exodus wallet app in DeFi apps** such as Quipuswap, Plenty, Crunchy, Wrap or SpaceFarm **without stopping delegation** in Exodus? Or should I stop the staking to be able to use DeFi apps? Thanks in advance.
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