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IDEO, an iconic design firm, will be using Tezos as one of the protocols for their upcoming incubator

Introducing IDEO CoLab’s Startup Studio for Blockchain Entrepreneurs

Today, IDEO CoLab announces the launch of its new Startup Studio program to help accelerate the world’s best blockchain entrepreneurs and startups, in partnership with over 20 leading organizations and protocols. The program kicks off this month and builds upon IDEO CoLab’s investing and co-creation program for blockchain startups launched earlier this year.

As part of our quest to reimagine how the world’s best entrepreneurs are supported and invested in, IDEO CoLab’s new Startup Studio for blockchain entrepreneurs unbundles the traditional startup accelerator model into a collection of programs and workshops offered by IDEO and our network of partners. Together, we can address a broad range of blockchain startups’ specialized needs — from design to product, testing, brand, hiring, finance, law, engineering, smart contract development, and more.

Over the last four decades, IDEO has pioneered the field of human-centered design to help create iconic products in partnership with leading companies like Apple, Google, Nike, and Ford. We believe that the blockchain industry has now reached the point where human-centered design and collaboration are needed to realize its full potential and make the leap from millions of enthusiasts to billions of everyday users. As IDEO’s platform for collaboration, IDEO CoLab is excited to run the Startup Studio program in partnership with over 20 leading organizations, service providers, and protocols.

Starting today, blockchain entrepreneurs and startups can apply to participate in specific acceleration programs via IDEO CoLab’s Startup Studio website. 2019 Launch Partners

In 2019, we’re excited to be partnering with a network of leading organizations and Layer 1 protocols who have deep expertise, capabilities, and global reach. They’ll be able to help blockchain startups and entrepreneurs who participate in our Startup Studio p...

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