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Ideas on paying and incentivizing growth to minimize the risk of developers.

For the on chain funding mechanism, could be fulfill payments in portions? I've seen a lot about gaining new developers and attracting growth on the Tezos chain. Agora is a spot where programmers can collaborate on ideas around but, listening to the Tezos Tuesday talk, it seems that the way programmers are paid is 1. after they've put their time and effort in and 2. if the proposal is accepted they are minted coins and paid directly in XTZ. Essentially, if a programmer spends six months building a program that isn't accepted on chain, they have spent six months not getting paid. Could we implement a system where programmers are paid in portions for work completed? I don't know anything about programming but being a business owner, I have a couple of ideas and I was wondering if they might be pertinent to the topic at hand. ​ What if we paid for code in pieces? For instance, When I find a project, I first find out if they will accept my bid to complete. For this example we will use 100,000 XTZ. ​ I go to the purchaser and say, "You have a problem. I have a solution. I will do (x) for $100,000 XTZ" The purchaser, (In this case Agora, the TF, and community) responds to show if there would be interest in me completing the project at this price. If the purchaser has no interest, then I scrap the plan and move on to either another project or revamp my idea and/or price. ​ Once the purchaser agrees that I should try to fix the problem, I move into a schedule of values stage where I set my payment terms. If I'm building a house, I'll say "I can build your project in six months. In the first month, I will lay the foundation. It is costing me 5,000 XTZ but upon completion you owe me 7,500 XTZ. The second month I will do the framing. Cost, 10,000. Charge 15,000. Then I'll do wiring, plumbing and drywall..." so on and so forth. Upon completion of each outlined portion, an inspector would verify that the job has been done to code and then the balance ...
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