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HicEtNunc revived in new website - this is the REAL PROMISE of web3 - Developer quits, website goes down, the community duplicates and carries on without a hiccup (how many communities have died before to shitty webmasters?)

It's incredible to follow the story of Hic Et Nunc For those out of the loop TLDR: * Dev deleted the website all of a sudden * Community grabbed the codebase and rebuilt at []( * Obv all NFTs are still up on the Tezos blockchain After having a bunch of extremely unpleasant discussions about NFTs online and in person, I finally have an example of what/why blockchain and web3 are important. For the first time in the history of the internet, a website and DB being "deleted" didn't affect the business and community at all. It's true digital portability - oh someone has fucked you over and you want to switch? Switch and keep everything. oh someone can't pay server costs? Switch and keep everything. Oh the developers have left and the product has gone ? Switch and keep everything. FB and the other digital giants have been lying through their teeth for ages - saying that having an open social graph, allow interopability was "technically impossible" - so we get silos like FB messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram messaging being completely different app and contact ecosystems. They lied for ages to keep you stuck to their business - who doesn't remember when you could use one app to access ICQ, Windows Messenger, etc. Why the fuck does chat, social graphs, digital products are completely associated with ONE company who owns the database - and they fuck you at every opportunity to do so? Well because that's the way they make their "moat". What about how many communities I've watched die because one webmaster fucked people over or didn't want to keep providing the service? The immense amounts of stuff lost to that sort of event only in my short lifetime is incredible. I remember seeing single websites taking down entire communities, one in particularly in the 8-bit music community that made a major impact on the scene. Well the digital feudalism era is over. PS. One of the people involved in the effort - u/mekilat - has detailed that it...
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25 ctez pairs + farms added to the Plenty protocol

🔥 It is time for #ctez extravaganza! 🔥👉25 new liquidity pools with $ctez have been deployed!👉25 new farms will distribute 8000 $PLENTY for the next 4 weeks!👉 $CRUNCH, $PXL, $PAUL, $INSTA, $crDAO,...
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Gold will be the next synthetic asset on Youves

Gold will be the underlying for the next tracker on youves, we will call it uXAU🥇Thank you all for voting! 🗳More infos coming soonVote results 👇— y...