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HEN Restricted Account

Ignore my username - I come in peace! Big fan of both chains. Anyways, I loaded up my HEN account last night to find that it just says 'restricted account' when I try to view or manage my collections. I've never used HEN in a serious manner. Have minted a few NFT's to send to friends, mostly just to experience what its like to mint/send NFT's. None of these NFT's were copies of anyone else's NFTs (they were personal real life pictures mostly or crude images made in paint) nor were they ever sold on the platform. One NFT was pornographic (immature joke). I had nothing listed for sale on the platform. Does anything stand out to you as a reason why my account is now restricted and I can't view/manage my account anymore? My best guess was the pornographic NFT but I see porn tags on the site and plenty of unrestricted accounts listing pornographic images. Nothing that I created could be considered copy-minting. My account has had various random NFT's sent to it, I can't confirm whether or not they're copy-minted, however I am not the creator of them, I have not interacted with them, I have not listed them for sale, they're just random objkt's that people in the community seem to be spam sending. I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this happened. I have a lot tied to this Tezos address now, would be unfortunate to be restricted from a service as big as HEN on it.
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