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For those of you concerned with Tezos marketing...

By far, the biggest complaint I’ve read on this sub concerns the lack of marketing around Tezos. Man, the foundation isn’t promoting Tezos enough. Man, we need more funds going into evangelizing how awesome Tezos is. Man, Tezos doesn’t have a figurehead “leader” like Charles Hoskinson or Gavin Wood espousing the benefits of its platform. Y’all wanna know what the best marketing tool for its blockchain is right now? PancakeSwap. Yes, those liquidity staking rates are ridiculous and unsustainable. Doesn’t matter. Yield farming bros see an opportunity to make money. Liquidity builds. Another wave hears about it, jumps in, and starts making money themselves. Next thing you know, EVERYONE is talking about Binance Smart Chain and its low fees and quick transactions. Developers jump on board. More dapps get built and bootstrapped, and an ecosystem starts to form. Tezos needs that killer app. It doesn’t have to be exactly like PancakeSwap, though something that makes people lots of money doesn’t hurt. The point is, that killer app will attract attention to Tezos, and that will drive adoption. One killer app is all the marketing we’ll ever need in this space, and it will set off the chain reaction we’re seeking. So who wants to build it?
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