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Decreasing number of active bakers

Hi, I'm a Community Lead of [Citadel.one](https://Citadel.one) and Tezocracy Baker. Earlier we published a fresh [Weekly Metrics Report](https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1317066814078259205?s=20) on Tezos blockchain. And regarding the report I'd like to express my personal concern about the dropping number of active delegators.We've been making this report since August, and I noticed that active bakers amount is constantly decreasing, while the number of delegators is growing. August 21 there were 418 active bakers and 65,446 delegators, now there are 403 and 72,665 respectively. You can check all our reports: Aug 21 [https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1297884312889634816?s=20](https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1297884312889634816?s=20) Aug 28 [https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1300562440632107008?s=20](https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1300562440632107008?s=20) Sep 04 [https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1301891538490994691?s=20](https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1301891538490994691?s=20) Oct 03 [https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1312372822455574531?s=20](https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1312372822455574531?s=20) Oct 15 [https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1317066814078259205?s=20](https://twitter.com/CitadelDAO/status/1317066814078259205?s=20) Has this issue been addressed before? Is it fine? Tezos is an extensive and strong project, but it seems to me that the ecosystem may not be very friendly for new bakers. I also noticed it's really hard even for us to get noticed by the community and offer new products, content and simply participate in community life.
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