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Decentralized Identity on Tezos — What’s the deal?

Key Insight from Spruce Systems

I decided to reach out to the team at Spruce Systems who are working to make DID a reality, from the get-go, and for Tezos.

Can you provide some backbone into DID and go a bit deeper into why you chose Tezos for building out these open-source identity products?

A Decentralized Identifier (DID) is a global identifier that references any subject and said subject can prove control over a DID without requiring the permission of any party. DIDs point to their corresponding DID Documents, which are data that describe the subject of a DID. The contents of said data can include public keys for authentication or even references to claims describing the subject in order to add context for various forms of authentication. With respect to blockchains, a DID method is what enables the DID and associated DID document to be created, read, updated, and deactivated on a blockchain or other data store (for the example of Tezos). The importance of a public blockchain in the entire situation comes from its ability to allow one to deterministically find all identities associated with it and resolve any state, or any independent observer to resolve that same state. Additionally, any state changes to an identity are signaled to all observers without trusted parties. On Tezos, a DID can come in the form of one’s public/private keypair with the use of the private key demonstrating control over said DID.

The reason why we chose Tezos comes from the following:

It has a battle-tested mainnet, active developer community, and smart contracting languages designed to support functional correctness checking using proof assistants. Its demonstrated an ability to reliably upgrade the protocol to add new features our customers have asked for, such as ZKPs (“zero-knowledge proofs”). It also has longevity through its on-chain governance system.

To my understanding, these identity products you are building will enable any XTZ holder to de...

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