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Cryptonomic 2021 Q3 Tezos Development Update

2021 Q3 Tezos Development Update

Cryptonomic recently celebrated its fourth birthday. We believe we made it this far through attention to detail and commitment to constant improvement. In this spirit, we spent the third quarter of the year refining our Tezos stack in numerous ways against a backdrop of ever-growing usage.

Image proxy

After kicking off work on a content proxy for NFTs last quarter, we finally released the project to production and integrated it into Galleon Mobile for displaying moderated NFT content within the wallet. Our scalable infrastructure deployment contains load balanced instances using our own set of private IPFS nodes.

We have been adding video moderation support for MOV and MP4 encoded files and we should be done within a few weeks. Once this functionality is available and the project is proven out in production, we plan to start helping interested Tezos projects with integrating it into their products for a smoother and safer user experience.


We worked hard on making the Galleon Desktop app more usable and featureful. After adding initial support for Hic et Nunc (HEN) NFTs in the Q2 we’ve expanded it to include more item details and to include token transfers. As mentioned above, we added support for our image proxy which not only caches image content for significantly faster load times, but also has automated moderation features giving our users the option of not viewing content that may have been sent to them without solicitation. NFT projects are blossoming on Tezos beyond just HEN, which remains the engagement and creation leader. We are certain to add more NFT features in the coming months.

DeFi is another area of rapid development on Tezos. Galleon was quick to support Dexter and QuipuSwap. In the midsummer, we enabled swaps on those exchanges directly in Galleon. More recently we updated that functionality to include swaps and LP on the “Liquidity Baking” system. We’ve also added mor...

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