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Crypto market is now $1 TRILLION

BTC and ETH comprise $ 720 billion. Huge change over the past year.
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XTZ -4.34% · twitter.com · 1h

Ever since Daniel Masters joined the TF council I've never heard him talk about Tezos publicly. Even though he's been pretty vocal on Twitter and CNBC about his belief in Bitcoin and Ethereum. What gives?! If he truly believes in Tezos why not help spread the word? 🤷‍♂️

1/ I’ll be on CNBC @PowerLunch at 2:50 pm ET to talk about “the Bitcoin Effect”When @coinbase IPO’s (using @polymarket predictions re: price) it will be in the top ten publicly listed financial instit...
XTZ -4.34% · twitter.com · 8h

P2P votes YES to Tezos Edo proposal #40

P2P has voted YES to the @tezos Edo proposal #40 in the promotion phase of the vote: https://t.co/JNcPzcSq87View the P2P Tezos vote 👇https://t.co/OpIOt9ZoVs $XTZ pic.twitter.com/3BMv67i9aT— P2P Valid...
XTZ -4.34% · forum.tezosagora.org · 10h

New Agora topic: nash equilibrium and governance

Could the threat of a hard fork be used to counterbalance the risks of plutocracy? For example, by burning the wallet balances of the “rich” to remove their voting influence? In other words, could the...
XTZ -4.34% · forum.tezosagora.org · 10h

New Agora topic: Impermanent Loss Thoughts

Why can’t a Liquidity pool be subsidized by a coin to deal with impermanent loss? If the price of the coins raises or falls by any percentage, you’re looking at some sort of impermanent loss that is h...
XTZ -4.34% · medium.com · 19h

IMtoken AMA with Arthur Breitman

Last Friday, we had Arthur Breitman join us on Wechat for an Ask-Me-Anything session. We translated the questions and Arthur’s answer below. Enjoy! Nour (imToken): Before we share our topic, let’s…