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Covir, the company that uses Tezos for their robot is migrating to Ethereum

[https://medium.com/@covir/the-sleeping-giant-is-awaken-10413a8c3eff](https://medium.com/@covir/the-sleeping-giant-is-awaken-10413a8c3eff) "We are happy to announce that from Tezos Blockchain we are now migrating to ETH blockchain adapting DeFi technology." "We are leaving tezos blockchain due to their **inactiveness in terms of support and so many other things**. And we all know that ERC20 is much more known in this market." Honestly even several months back when I took a look at this company I never understood why they needed to use blockchain in the first place, now they want ETH because of Defi and throwing dirt on Tezos publicly. Sketchy much?
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