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Counter narrative: Tezos will have to wait for Ethereum POS and Cardano smart contracts.

"Once Ethereum is prof of stake Tezos is done!" "We have to surpass Cardono in adoption before they releases smart contracts or Tezos is done!" You've heard this before? Many Tezonians are getting antsy. They feel that time is ticking, we're about to lose the lead in tech, and then Tezos done. Tezos isn't going to lose the lead in tech. Also, Tezos will not overtake these big player as long as the promise of a better Ethereum or better Cardano is out there. People will irrationally cling to a promise before embracing a working product. This is because all of the excitement is in the promise. Notice the mood swings here on this sub. Prior to an upgrade people are hyped, posting about news and looking forward to whats coming. After and upgrade, there is depression, people complain about price performance or the Foundation. This is as natural as People having a better mood on Friday than they do on Monday-- Both are work days but the former looks forward to the weekend while the latter looks forward to the workweek. Etheurm and Cardano are in a long ark of upgrade hype with the promise of big change in the future. It's not possible to compete with that. People believe that those upgrades will change the world (they wont). After they upgrade, people will feel like things got better but didn't "moon" the way they expected. That will depress them (this sub knows that feeling). Those coins wont get flipped until after an upgrade. Once the hype is gone people will look for something else to feed there hype addiction. Tezos should and can be the best alt when this happens. It will require diligence, hard work and patience. Build it!
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