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cNFT Daily Mint-- Post All Mints Inside This Thread (Beta Test 0; RFC)

Welcome, artists, creators, makers and enthusiasts, to the home of Tezos CleanNFT. Share, care & live the creative life on our home planet. ​ To keep our subreddit home open but not overwhelmed by any particular applications, we ask that you thoughtfully post your minted creations as comments inside this thread. Share, comment, debate, collaborate, make friends and be kind and thoughtful, and respect the creative spirit. ​ Some Tezos community members have launched separate, dedicated CleanNFT minters and subreddits. We welcome you to participate in those, as well as on our home subreddit. In no particular order, and without endorsement, cNFT Minters: * [hic et nunc](https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/) * [Kalamint](https://kalamint.io/) * [OpenMinter](https://github.com/tqtezos/minter) ​ cNFT Subreddits: * [NFTz](https://www.reddit.com/r/NFTz/) * [TezosNFT](https://www.reddit.com/r/TezosNFT/) ​ \[Draft notes to be removed after RFC. cNFT Daily Mint will be launched by automod at 0h UTC, daily. The first post will launch out of sync to test if the automod spawns properly. Mints posted outside this daily thread will be deleted by moderators. Subreddits get only 2 sticky posts, so we save the stickies for community wide announcements.\]
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