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Catching up with Daniel Masters, newly appointed TF council member

Catching up with Daniel Masters

We had the chance to chat with Daniel Masters on his recent joining of Tezos Foundation council and where he sees Tezos in the future

Daniel Masters serves as the executive chairman and Co-Founder of CoinShares. He also joined the Tezos Foundation as a non-executive council member in July earlier this year. Daniel has been involved in the blockchain space for quite some time and his rich background in asset management makes him a strong addition to the TF. With that said, Mr. Masters was kind enough to share a few words on his recent joining to the Tezos Foundation and where he envisions Tezos and blockchain technology in general, in the future.

There’s been a lot of developments around Tezos lately, especially around tooling and infrastructure. With that in mind, what is your vision for Tezos and where do you see Tezos in the coming intermediate to long-term?

I think we should start with a little preface. I’m often asked by people who aren’t ideologically familiar with virtual currency or are not necessarily technology-focused people — what’s the deal, what’s the big fuss about? Today, we see many forms of digitization not just native protocols but physical assets, stable coins, hard asset coins, bonds, stocks, and more. I think we’re going to see much more of that as people begin to realize the power of this technology. Further, I think what we have seen over the number of years is the value accruing in these protocol coins. But, people often scratch their heads and may wonder what the value is here? Over time what’s going to become transparent is that these networks are going to perform a utility function for transport, a transport for all kinds of digitized assets. Those assets could be monetary, hard assets, real estate, securities, identity, and more. These networks will transport that. So, there’s this interplay between the network itself, the protocol coin, and the type of assets that move on that n...
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