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Campaign to create 1000 bakery and bakers !

These are some suggestion to achieve more decentralization and improve governance process . 1) TF should offer and provide hardware and Software to all wallets that has enough amount of XTZ to start a bakery .Provide Dedicated channels to set up and support existing and aspiring bakers .Weekly Meetings for baker support ( turning every long term Tezos holder into a baker is the idea).foundation has 100 million to spend each year and it's time spend a small amount to increase the number of bakers. ​ 2.Reduce the amount of XTZ required to 4000 or 3000 .Tezos has only 860 million XTZ circulating .We need more to decentralize, do a split of XTZ 1:2 or may 100 :102 or something in between .Do it every year ,more crypto investors will get attracted to Tezos. some time marketing is free giveaway ​ 3.Incentivize bakers more .Pay an additional 1% to bakers for being a baker. 4. Incentivize Voting ,pay 1-100 XTZ for each voted casted on a proposal upgrade. get the individual who was baking on TESLA to do a video on how to payoff your tesla by baking and earning XTZ, may be do this for other vehicles as well. Toyota GM Ford etc. This will be massive success in China . Together we can revolutionize Tezos ecosystem. This is just a proposal suggestions ,I'm sure there are brilliant people out there who can provide more ideas .Any suggestions for or against are always welcome.
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Daniel Hines of Marigold introduces one of the most interesting changes of Hangzhou, the latest Tezos protocol proposal, developed in collaboration with Nomadic Labs: Global Constants. https://marigold.dev/blog/Introducing-global-constants/鈥 #tezos #smartcontracts #micheline

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youves has been audited by Least Authority

On 21 September 2021 ubinetic received the final smart contract review report of Least Authority (LA) covering the deployed smart contracts of youves, and the deployed smart contracts of the ubinetic鈥