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Bender Labs: building an open financial system

Bender Labs: building an open financial system

Bend- Verb: shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle.- Noun: a curve, especially a sharp one, in a road, river, racecourse, or path.

We are witnessing the very beginning of a profound change in financial infrastructure. The current DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum is fertile ground for innovation, and is arguably the largest use case for blockchain technology this year. Our belief is that the innovation we’ve seen in the past few months is the premise of a global, decentralized, permissionless and unstoppable financial system running on public blockchains.

For this to happen, we need a wider range of financial services offered in the DeFi space, more types of assets, a broader adoption and liquidity, and perhaps most importantly a sound technical infrastructure. We believe that Tezos has the potential to become the reference blockchain for such a large scale open financial system.

The commitment and mission of Bender Labs is to create an open financial system, by replacing and enhancing the current financial infrastructure with a set of co-integrated smart contracts on public blockchains. These decentralized protocols improve the global financial system by orders of magnitude: transparency, openness, resilience, user-ownership, provability, compliance by design — faster, cheaper, and with a 100% uptime. We believe that blockchain technology will disrupt the financial markets, which is why we’re building an institutional grade decentralized finance infrastructure, compliant with the standards of traditional capital markets.

While each will be different in their nature and functionalities, every financial protocol that we design will share 3 important characteristics:

Openness: our code is open source, and our protocols are designed to be permissionless and uncensorable. Pragmatism: the quality of our code matters as much as how we create user adoption of our protocols....
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