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Atomex wallet strange bug with change addresses

So this is not strictly Tezos related but it's a problem with Atomex which is one of the larger DEX's in the Tezos sphere so I think this is the right subreddit. A few days ago I sent a Bitcoin transaction from my Atomex wallet. The bitcoin went to my destination just fine, however the remaining change did not show up in my wallet. I figured it had to do with the tx not being confirmed yet and to just wait. A day and many confirmations later, still nothing in the wallet. I tried pressing the update button in Atomex wallet and restarting it to no avail. If I look on [blockchain.com](https://blockchain.com) I can see the change funds are sitting in one address, and I looked in the addresses tab on Atomex wallet and there is that address there as one of mine. Yet still the funds are not visible in my Atomex wallet. Atomex wallet does allow me to copy the private key, which I did for this change address which has btc on it according to [blockchain.com](https://blockchain.com), but this private key does not appear to be in the normal format for bitcoin private keys as far as I can tell. It starts with a lowercase d, not L or K. How can I import this weird key so I can access the funds?
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