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Ask NL to write a proposal to fund a community treasury instead of LB

As a disclaimer, I like liquidity baking, I think it's a great DeFi incentive and the small inflation is worth it. Unfortunately the trading volume has been quite low, probably because it's hard to find the front-end and because tzbtc is a strange asset Until we have proper USDC, I would like to know if instead of subsidising the LB program, one would go about subsidising a community treasury (using some dapps we have, kickflow, homebase etc). Funds can be used for marketing, funds new dapps etc Would also make the community much more active, and focused on building rather than waiting for TF to do things. What would be the process (very naive I know): contacting NL and asking if they can set a proposal? Then this proposal would have to win against the proposal without community funds but with LB? (We could also do both: LB + Community funds) [u/NomadicLabs](
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25 ctez pairs + farms added to the Plenty protocol

馃敟 It is time for #ctez extravaganza! 馃敟馃憠25 new liquidity pools with $ctez have been deployed!馃憠25 new farms will distribute 8000 $PLENTY for the next 4 weeks!馃憠 $CRUNCH, $PXL, $PAUL, $INSTA, $crDAO,...
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Gold will be the next synthetic asset on Youves

Gold will be the underlying for the next tracker on youves, we will call it uXAU馃Thank you all for voting! 馃棾More infos coming soonVote results 馃憞鈥 y...