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An Interview with Sabita Furtado, co-founder of Kalhatti, a startup on the Tezos blockchain

How did you get into the blockchain space?

Two key aspects of blockchain drew me in:

Intellectual curiosity: One of the things that fascinates me is the intersection of various rigorous disciplines such as cryptography, p2p / consensus protocols, game theory, economic incentives, social engineering, legal vs. code contracts, etc… that are combined together to create a beautiful self-driving system based on an a priori set of rules.

Arc of decentralization: This is fascinating from an evolutionary standpoint . While a number of industries are at the throes of disruption, I am particularly fascinated with the impact of blockchain on broader society. How do the regulatory systems catch up with the tsunami of changes unleashed by blockchain? How do central banks and the governments learn to coexist with it? And if you stretch the arc far enough, how do the various social and legal institutions evolve?

Kalhatti creates small financial investment opportunities that can be obtained for as little as a dollar, a rupee, or a yuan, in the same way that shampoo is repackaged in sachets in many countries to make it affordable. It’s estimated that over 95% of shampoo sales in India are in sachet form. Why did you start Kalhatti? What does it do?

Kalhatti’s vision is to enable cross-border fractional investment for any type of asset that can be bought by anyone anywhere in the world for as little as a dollar, a rupee, or a yuan.

Each of the team members comes from a different and rich point of view. While my reasons for starting Kalhatti are many, they center around trying to ensure a level playing field when it comes to access to financial assets and also a desire to make the process of asset acquisition easy. Growing up I saw my mom, who lives in India, invest in various financial instruments and it always was a cumbersome and tedious process. The process drowns you in paperwork, making a user want to run for the hills! Access to inve...

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