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A year as a Tezos Foundation Board Member, an article by Diego Pons

As a comparison, when the Foundation’s board resigned, each member received a severance of 400,000 USD, after doing nothing for six months. Fabrice Le Fessant, From Tezos To Dune Network, September 3rd 2019

Being said board member, I guess Fabrice is asking for me to answer. I also noticed other executives in Origin Labs have explicitly requested a statement from the parties in question.

If it’s false please ask the tezos foundation & DLS to issue a proper statement… Won’t happen you know why? Fabien Dureuil, Tweet September 9th 2019

I, Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons, founding and former board member of the Tezos Foundation declare that everything I am stating in this document is sincere and correct. I can only testify about events I directly witnessed while I was board member of the Tezos Foundation, or I was directly involved in. I do not speak in the name of the current Tezos Foundation board, DLS, or any other parties.

The resignation of the board of Tezos

I don’t really understand the Dune leadership’s obsession with Twitter and Reddit flamewars… that is not how proper businesses behave. While Dune Network positions itself as the blockchain for businesses, its management behaves in a way that would dissuade any reasonable business from working with them. I once met a man that loved public arguments, grandiose declarations, and borderline xenophobic statements: Johann Gevers. Unsurprisingly, the Swiss authorities and other significant stakeholders in the Swiss CryptoValley were not amused.

On February 22nd 2018, Johann Gevers and I (Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons) “voluntarily” resigned from the board of the Tezos Foundation. And while we did receive a compensation as reminded by Fabrice Le Fessant, I am afraid most of the statements otherwise made in “From Tezos To Dune Network” are imprecise when they are not false.

The compensation was 400 000 CHF for Johann Gevers and 200 000 CHF for me. The original proposal was 300 ...
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