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Welcome to Magic Hall Where NFT Marvels Begin

Today we will take a journey to the very origins of the EmiSwap Magic Cards, created in collaboration with Ryan Bliss, a 3D artist. Welcome to Magic Hall — a starting point for all Magic Cards researchers and collectors.

Introducing Magic Hall

Magic Hall is the first location in the inspiring tour across the EmiSwap ecosystem. You find yourself in the universe of portals, from which you can go to other worlds that are marvelous, terrific, and compelling. And they will teach you the Magic Cards miracles and surprises. Do you feel excited? We do.

Just press a portal and start investigating: compare the card bonuses, read their description, and choose your favorite boosters. Magic Hall is the place where all the details about NFT Magic Cards by EmiSwap are accessible.

Unique by design and by meaning, all Magic Cards are divided into six rarity categories with each card containing a special bonus. They include x2 or x3 multiplier for a higher category exchange, collectible cards with special privileges, or a certain amount of bonus ESW tokens.

To learn more about Magic Cards, check this article on Medium.

Collaboration with Ryan Bliss

Magic Hall is the first product of collaboration between EmiSwap and Ryan Bliss — a 3D artist famous for his original, realistic, and extraterrestrial landscape wallpapers. Magic Hall is based on his most famous Portals masterpiece. “The whole idea was inspired by the old Star Trek episode “All Our Yesterdays”, — says Ryan — where folks could escape a current disaster by venturing into a planet’s past via different portals”. In the future, artworks by Ryan Bliss are likely to be used in designing some of Magic Cards.

As a community-driven and collaboration-focused project, EmiSwap plans to work together with talented people to create the EmiSwap universe. We collaborate to build possibly the best digital place and the alma-mater of innovative and progressive ideas inspired by people.

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