Why is mBTC the only way to invest in BTC on the terra chain? Wrapped BTC should be available.

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self.terraluna7m ago
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Wrapped BTC is available on ETH/BSC/Polygon/etc. Buying/selling mBTC doesn't affect the price of BTC, and it is not real BTC anyway. I love Mirror Protocol, but would really like to hold real BTC (not synthetic) on the Terra chain. Terra should incentivize bridging wrapped BTC to the Terra chain, like Algofi is doing for Algorand. It would also enable BTC/mBTC LPs that would allow earning APY on BTC without lending out to shorters or incurring serious risk of Impermanent Loss. I'm very surprised I can't buy BTC on terraswap. I might also be wrong, in which case please point me to where I can buy BTC in the Terra ecosystem. Thank you!