This is crazy, these bridges between blockchains are saving my life!

Terra ClassicTerra Classic
self.terraluna7m ago
I can't believe that I just bridged LUNA from Terra to Harmony. It's impossible to transfer ONE where I'm from right now because of the suspension of the network yesterday and I think it'll take a long while. Inspired by this I tried to bridge some LUNA over to Harmony, sweating because I'm terrified of being clumsy when it comes to finance. Aaaaand, done! It only took a few seconds. Cosmos and Terra are already interconnected so no need for bridges, and all I have in my portfolio is the coin or tokens from Cosmos, Terra, Harmony and Near. Now I can transfer funds between 3 of them without any need for CEX!! This is absolutely amazing. Thanks to Terra for the flawless experience and user-friendly bridge 🤍