Terra LUNA prospect -- looking to learn more

Terra ClassicTerra Classic
self.terraluna2m ago
I have gained interest in this lately due to all the nonsense going on in CeFi, and it looks like sooner rather than later it will affect all the major exchanges for US customers. I'm looking for more projects to earn rewards on that will be a 'set it and (mostly) forget it' strategy. I have been staking my ADA natively through Yoroi for over a year now. Plan is long term holding, haven't even touched the rewards. This feels like a similar enough staking process I want to get into. Any suggestions on the best FAQ/Start here type of guide? My main question is how often you would typically need to change validators? I've been with only two pools with my ADA the entire time. Of course I would plan to check up and make sure it was still active and all, but prefer as hands-off as possible, since I saw this had a 21 day period I wasn't sure if it took a little more maintenance on my end. Thanks all, hope to join and help out the ecosystem!