Terra <> Avalanche daily user stats, very curious how these grow together with the partnership.

Terra ClassicTerra Classic
self.terraluna2m ago
The two networks are now partnering in co-marketing and product development, will be really interesting to see how each community grows from this. ​ Looks pretty good for Terra, what do you think? ​ **Current daily unique user stats:** ​ **Terra:** 1 day: 48.8k 7 days:146k 30 days: 334k ​ **Avalanche:** 1 day: 78.5k 7 days: 236k 30 days: 583k ​ Source: https://twitter.com/coopernicus01/status/1514021140762710017?s=20&t=dUhwvhGPXdHFUIXFkKeZDg