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Recovering Terrastation wallet with Ledger

Hi All - I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this. I have created a Terra Station wallet with Ledger nano s and can see the wallet address when I connect to the web app with my ledger plugged in and terra app running. What I can’t get my head around is: how do I restore my terra wallet if I lose my ledger? There is only one seed phrase which I was given when I first set up the ledger and stored Ethereum and my assumption was I could go to ANY eth wallet (hot or cold) if I were to lose my ledger, type in the seed phrase and it would give me access to my funds. But I don’t have a new Terra Station seed phrase?! So if I lose my ledger can I simply go to terra station (web) and type in the (Ledger/Eth) seed phrase and it will give me access to my Terra wallet or would I have to buy a new ledger and type the seed phrase into that before I can regain access?! Sorry if I’m being thick….
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