Mods should start removing "My wallet was hacked" threads.

Terra ClassicTerra Classic
self.terraluna2m ago
There have been so many of these posts recently, and besides the fact that they clog up the subreddit, they are starting to seem like its a coordinated effort to tarnish the name of Terra as a whole. I feel bad for anyone that enters their seed phrase into a phishing site, but jesus, some people just are not cut out for crypto. Edit: What I think most of you who are advocating to let them stay seem to be missing, is the fact that a lot of these threads are posted by first time Subreddit visitors in an effort to get their tokens back. These posts are not going to stop a first time visitor who only came here AFTER the fact. I'm all for a sticky that says something like "Reminder: Never Input Your Seed Phrase Anywhere Online" for the newbies who are already here, but 5 random posts a day about fake websites is ridiculous.