MEXC To Get Your LUNA Even for Americans

Terra ClassicTerra Classic
self.terraluna2m ago
The company I work for in the industry has a deal going on with MEXC Global. That's my disclosure with link at the end. You get $25 in crypto into your account and 1 month of my company's trading service for FREE if you sign up. But lots of Americans are having issues getting to LUNA. MEXC, which is a huge exchange and has all the same services global Binance offers, is open to Americans. Plus, NO KYC for up to 10 BTC. They along with the offer the most trading pairs so anything you can buy at Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken or Paxos, you can easily send to MEXC to swap for LUNA. If you are having trouble with access or having to take 55 steps to finally get your LUNA. This may help. Just thought I'd let you know. Plus, I'm an employee so I don't get any direct benefit but I signed up for an account myself.