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Astroport potential: could this be THE dex for Terra?

Hello LUNAtics This is my first post here. I've been interested into DeFi quite recently and found the Terra chain very appealing with so many great projects like Anchor, White Whale, Pylon, Mirror, etc. Recently came across this AMM/DEX called Astroport. Luna focused YouTubers like danku_r, The Wealth Tip, Calculator Guy etc. have speculated it to become the greatest AMM on Terra chain, Pancake/Uni/TraderJoe of Terra, if you will. BUT The whole concept is so freaking complicated to understand. Too much liquidity but not that much traffic, multiple phases of drops, concepts like vxASTRO and the list goes on. If we take a look at JOE or CAKE or SUSHI, they have 50-100x from their launch (or few weeks after that) to ATH. I wanna know from this community, do they see this kind of potential from ASTRO? There's a faction that thinks it will take some time to stabilize. My personal concern is too many airdrops. But do let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
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