Blockchain Technology and the Metaverse

self.TELOS1m ago
​ # What is the Metaverse? >The term ***"metaverse"*** was coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash. Before you wonder what it is, this is a sci-fi novel about a digital world where the protagonists meet and interact. There are several worlds in this novel with different playstyles, but all are interconnected. # How Can Blockchain Be Used for Gaming and VR? >The decentralized nature of blockchain technology may be the missing link to making the metaverse a reality. Since blockchain is an open source peer-to-peer network, it can store data for other applications and easily share information between different companies. We also know that mass adoption is just around the corner, as blockchain-based projects are already starting to grab the attention of tech industry leaders like Google and Facebook. > > > >Blockchain technology has the potential to transform many industries, including gaming and virtual reality. This technology provides decentralization, immutability and transparency to gamers who want to play their way. > > > >It additionally permits sport builders to create digital worlds that aren't simply restrained through the bounds imposed through conventional sport consoles or computer systems however may be accessed thru any tool related to the Internet. Blockchain may also be used as a manner for gamers to shop for and promote objects inside those new universes with out disturbing approximately being scammed through different gamers looking to make cash off them in preference to gambling fairly. ​ The popularity of blockchain technology could mean that Web3 could use it to create a larger metaverse. ​ Telos became a virtual tenant of Bloktopia. >***“Bloktopia’s Metaverse is a positive step in Web 3.0 adoption, and the Telos team is eager to jump in first. This is just the beginning of a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and this is just the first step of our grand metaverse ambitions.”*** > >**-Justin Giudici,** *The acting CEO of the Telos Foundation*