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Possible copy paste address scam...

I was sending usdc from my meta to my KuCoin. Meta runs on a chrome browser and I use mostly safari. I had my email up on safari where I sent the kucoin address from my phone, I know it’s weird to do that. I copied it and pasted on meta to send. I usually check the first and last 3 to make sure they match, they did. I sent. A lot of time went by and nothing. I then checked the entire address that I pasted and 5 of the letters had been capitalized. Without any pattern I could see. Sent money, gone. I wrote meta, waiting on their reply. Is it possible to replicate someone’s address just changing the capitalization of letters if they had my kucoin USDC address. Etherium has capitals from what I understand. I know there is copy paste malware. I’m hoping it was just some fucked up glitch in my copy paste, but that is hard for me to believe especially because it didn’t capitalize all of them and I didn’t recognize any type of pattern. Lesson obviously is check and recheck addresses, but if this scam tech does exist it should definitely be brought to light. Either way freaked me the fuck out. What programs should I run to check for malware or viruses.
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