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I broke my own strict rules for Tel this dip..

My portfolio strategy has been similar to many with BTC & ETH taking up the most space, a bunch in the other top 10-20 coins that I believe in, and a max of 5 -10% in smaller cap coins. Over the past few days I've sold nearly 1/3rd my BTC and skimmed some from a few other coins and have been DCAing the dip with it on TEL this weekend. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for anyone else and I know it's taking a big chance. I'm not an expert by any means and don't know what this crazy cycle has in store. I do personally believe BTC will be over 100k even it takes longer than I had thought with an extended cycle. "They" say (and more importantly I believe) you should invest in projects you believe in. I would rather look back and see I lost some money on this move than to look back with regrets that I didn't put my money with the project that I've become this much of a believer in. Especially while it's still this early. Keep in mind examples like this you see from others are different in each situation and I'm not trying to convince anyone to FOMO into TEL. With my own entry points and portfolio size I'm ok with the risk. If I was over here sitting on 100k+ I'd probably play this much differently.
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