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How to safely hold TEL in wallet? Help!

Hey, I am confused with all these people saying they are worried their coins can get hacked or taken? My TEL is in KuCoin, and I've seen some say they are waiting for KuCoin to get hacked; it's bound to happen eventually. Can someone explain to me how I am supposed to protect myself? I assume you guys are buying TEL and holding it long-term? Because transferring in and out of wallets/different coins costs high fees/gas. Do you guys buy your TEL, and then once you buy it, what is the next step? I didn't know you could transfer TEL to say Coinbase? I thought you could only keep TEL in wallets that allow or accept it on their platforms? What is the best way to keep it safe, or what wallet do I keep it in? I have learned how to transfer using Coinbase Pro using XLM/USDT to KuCoin USDT/TEL, which is helpful. I hope to learn some additional tricks from you all on how to minimize fees further and keep my TEL as safe as possible.
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