Your ticket to financial freedom


You might be aware, and if not, it's not yet too late for crypto's probably biggest giveaway. With the generous support of Bull_BNB, a blockchain enthusiast from Dubai, Syscoin and Galxe have organized a giveaway of 100.000 $sys (the equivalent of just over 11k usd) for one lucky winner. Why is this so important besides the obvious prize value? You get to collateralize those $sys into a masternode and enjoy passive income while being part of one of the most tech-savvy projects in crypto.

How can anyone try their luck? There are a few steps to follow:

1: Access

2: Connect your Metamask wallet. When selecting the network, please manually add the Syscoin NEVM Mainnet with the following settings:

Network Name: Syscoin Mainnet


Chain ID: 57

Currency Symbol: SYS

Block Explorer URL:

3: Be sure to follow all the required accounts on social media; if any technical glitches show up, try to repeat the process from another platform (mobile phone, laptop, desktop, etc)

4: In order to have the 50 PSYS available in your wallet take notice that you will need to bridge some tokens on to the NEVM chain, using this:

Besides the Metamask wallet you will also need to setup a Pali wallet account, but the whole process is pretty straight forward and effortless.

Once you have the two wallets ready, bridge some $sys over to NEVM. Make sure that you leave some coins available for tx fees (which are minuscule btw). When the $sys are available on your Metamask, go over to

Connect your Metamask once more and swap your $sys for $psys. After achieving this, go back to the Galxe page and check if the server acknowledged all the steps as completed. You should have all finished tasks marked in green.

5: All is left now is to go through the quizz on Syscoin. This will require a little bit of time but is totally worth it, because you get to find out what is it that makes Syscoin so unique in the cryptosphere and why it stands out from the crowd.

For tips in solving the quizz stay connected to Syscoin's social media accounts and join the Discord channel, where you will discover the community behind the project.

Best of luck!