What to follow when investing in crypto.


What to follow when investing in crypto.

I am in this space since late 2017. It was not the first time I learned about Bitcoin, but it was the first time I invested in crypto. My first buy was of course Bitcoin, but after that came the question: what now ?

Well, I kept the BTC for some time hoping it would go higher, but that didn’t really happen so I decided to flip it for some altcoin.

I literally had no idea what to invest in, since I had no info to hook on and do my own research. So I took a trust bath and invested in Syscoin as per a recommendation I received from one of my friends.

I was purely walking into the dark with no guidance at all. The coin took 2 moonshots near to $1 and I didn’t sell. I was so upset from not selling at $0,80, that I literally wanted to abandon this project and walk away from crypto as well. Fortunately I managed to buy some more $sys and joined a shared MasterNode. After one year of grinding and constant buying I finally managed to get my own node.

Later the markets turned and bull market surprised us pushing the price higher than $1 and still didn’t sell.

I have no regrets, because my first sell target is $7+, and even if it reaches that target I will still be thinking if I sell or not.

For me this is a project that convinced me to stay together for a lifetime and build along. Simply because the team and the community are the most valuable asset Syscoin has. I mean, the team is together since late 2014 and core is still here. They developed this despite the stolen initial raised funds. They survived 3 bear markets and constantly innovated the space.

So to respond to the topic, for me the key things for a newcomer are: 1. Researching the history of the project you want to invest in. 2. Of you chose to invest don’t get scared of the bear markets and DCA into their native coin. Still, invest only what you can afford to loose. Crypto is still Wild West. 3. Talk to the team, be part of the community. This will distract you from your dark thoughts that always come in a bear market. 4. Choose to stay with the futurists not with the nihilists. 5. Walk away from projects that promise things hard to deliver. We are still so early in this tech, so everything is still a big experiment. 6. Keep in mind that crypto is a long time game, so don’t get discouraged by market fluctuations. If you are in the right project you will be just fine. 7. Have a break from time to time. Side stepping and using the 3rd person perspective will help you clear your mind and make the right decisions. 8. Be conservent.

I hope this helps! Thank you for reading!