What Syscoin ZK-Rollups Will Do For You


ZK-Rollups Explained

These are Layer-2 blockchain protocols built outside/on top of the Layer-1 protocol in a network such as Syscoin. They solve the common crypto problem of High gas fees (transaction fees) by computing transaction data outside the Layer-1 chain. This is done by running several transactions into a single transaction to execute them off-chain. Then, instead of relaying the individual information of all transactions in the batch to the blockchain, the ZK-rollup submits a validity proof. This proof acts as a receipt that confirms that the transactions are authentic and therefore can be accounted for in L1 and L2 chain.

What Will Syscoin Rollups do for you?

• Lower Gas Fees: Due to intelligent data compression techniques, ZK-rollups reduce the cost of publishing data on-chain (main Layer-1 chain), which results in lower fees for users.

• Faster Withdrawals: validity proof are already provided on-chain which means less spent to confirm transactions.

• Privacy: Transaction data are only provided as Validity Proof not transparently on-chain.

• Security: ZK-rollups employ trustless cryptographic setups to ensure their security