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Syscoin suspending all transactions due to propagation issues. I have some questions/comments.

Today, for the 6th day in a row, I tried to move my SYS from my Coinomi wallet to a SYS wallet. Initially, I was trying to send them to qt. I waited over 48hrs from Sunday to late Tuesday night. Nothing. Never was confirmed. The block explorer showed ridiculousness (date was with year 1899, for example). I did all the trouble shooting- debug, resync, rebuild, running commands. Nothing. And nothing was in my Coinomi wallet either. I tried resyncing it idk how many times until it finally worked Tuesday night and my coins were showing again in my wallet. There apparently was some issue with their blockchain from what I was told through Telegram. I decided to download Blockmarket and do it that way on Tuesday night. Downloaded it. Tried a test transfer. Nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled qt, and tried it again with a test transaction. Nothing. Thursday, still nothing on either. I troubleshooted both, and still nothing. As of 1pm today (CST, it’s 4:40pm as of writing), it still hadn’t been confirmed. It had been around 63 hours. I then see a message in my Coinomi wallet that Syscoin has suspended all transactions due to a propagation issue. Great. My question is, what is the deal? I haven’t been in very long, maybe 3-4 months, but whether I’m trying to move my SYS from wallet to wallet or from wallet to exchange, it seems like there is ALWAYS an issue. Since my purchase, I have had one successful transaction- withdrawing from Binance to Coinomi. That’s it. Granted, I’ve only tried moving them a few times- to Binance twice, to qt twice, and Blockmarket once, but every single time, it fails because they’re experiencing issues. Browsing through their Telegram, it seems that it’s just issue after issue with Blockmarket, qt, and transactions in general. My understanding was that this team has been around for quite a while, much longer than other projects, and has a ton of combined experience. I know there will be some issues and my frame of reference is small, but it rea...
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