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Syscoin NFT marketplace LUXY goes into partnership with BlockDesk Ventures

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About BlockDesk Ventures

BDV is a team of experienced strategic investors who have a passion for innovative Blockchain projects. The fundamental building block of BDV is their community who receives FREE token-less investment opportunities into the most desired Blockchain projects in the industry, this has eliminated financial barriers in accessing presales for retail investors and created a new era of investing.

BlockDesk Ventures Socials:

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About LUXY

LUXY is becoming the go-to NFT platform, established in March of 2021, and has evolved into a team of 15. Starting with a next-gen Marketplace that is designed to offer a new and much improved NFT experience. It is built to be multichain, starting with the Polygon blockchain allowing it to be fast, scalable, green, low cost, and user-friendly. Decentralization is the core of crypto, so at every step, our marketplace is built around that core concept.

LUXY will offer your standard marketplace features plus additional features curated over months of research. These will include support for; Gamefi and 3D models, Collection Launchpad, User-owned Collections, Multiple Royalty Addresses for group projects, direct royalties, all file types, White Label Solutions, UI/UX for ease of use.

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