syscoin - high price undesirable?

self.SysCoin5y ago
I want to ask your view on the price development of syscoin. Today I asked in the telegram of syscoin at one of the marketingpeople of syscoin on his perspective on the statement that syscoin as a cryptocurrency is undervalued. His response was as follows (quoted): "Everything is development with a baseline of $1. So that everything is extremely affordable to do. Near zero fees still. When it gets up to the $10 range it will get expensive to use. So we're 1/3 the way there. BM WEB is the ultimate goal for the marketplace, bringing accessibility to billions instead of just thousands. So that should take it the rest of the way there. They could lower Tx fees, but it also has to remain profitable for miners. My question here is, considering the statement above, can we ever expect SYS to be $2 or higher? Basically he says that a high SYS price breaks the usability of the product. This is a big red flag for me as an investor. I am wondering to your views on this