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Syscoin Community Marketing Team - Weekly Syscoin Update #2 - 29/05

Syscoin Community Weekly Update #2

This weekly update is written by and for the community and will keep you up-to-date on all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news!

General Syscoin Update

New Whitepaper released!A non-technical version will be out soon…

CPS Airdrop Snapshot

The Coinpayments Coin (CPS) airdrop snapshot will capture all Syscoin Aliases that contain a balance on July 1st. 6% of CPS released will then be distributed proportionally among those Aliases.

If you have funds on an address not linked to an Alias you need to create and link an Alias to that address before the 1st of July, in order to participate in the snapshot.

Currently the only way to create and link the Alias to an existing address is via the Qt wallet console. An easy to follow guide can be found here.

If you still have funds in the Blockmarket or QT 2.x wallets, you need to upgrade to 3.0 before creating an alias. Please follow this guide to upgrade to 3.0.

Please NOTE: The airdrop will not happen until July/August. Also, a Masternode Alias is not the same as a Syscoin Alias.

SCMT news

SCMT are now publishing Syscoin Weekly Updates every Tuesday!


Syscoin Community Marketing Team have recently established partnerships with several new content writers, who among them have a combined monthly readership of more than 650K crypto enthusiasts!

Check out some of the most recent Syscoin related articles here and here!

SCMT Logo Design

Thanks to Slack member, @buzz, SCMT now has its own logo!

SCMT proposal

We have been able to submit our marketing proposal at the last minute! If we get enough yes votes the funds for this month will go towards our continuing marketing initiatives, rather than go to waste. Our proposal is pinned in the Community Marketing Slack room in the main Syscoin channel, and we invite you to read it and make the effort to vote!

How to vote:  ...

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