Some Intern Guy With Some Open-Ended Questions

self.SysCoin5y ago
I am an intern at Microsoft Global Security, and I am giving the tech team a presentation on some technology that Microsoft uses, how the team can utilize the technology, and why they would use it (and explain it in simple English. AKA no crazy jargon) in 5 weeks. So I figured, why not do it on Syscoin, a cryptocurrency that is used in Microsoft Azure that I know nothing about :D?   For most of the questions that I have, I can just ~~Google it~~ - *erhm,* I mean *"Bing it"*, but I thought it would be interesting to ask the community for their personal opinions on some of the more open-ended questions.   What do **you** believe is... 1. The **largest benefit** of using Syscoin? 2. The **largest problem** with using Syscoin? 2. The **best solution** to the largest problem? 3. **Most unique** aspect of Syscoin (how is it better/different from other, similar cryptos)?   Of course, I will be doing my own research to form my own opinions, but I just wanted to see what other people's thoughts are.   *(I honestly don't know much about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, nodes and whatnot, and I am a college student, so this is going to be a very long 4-5 weeks.)*