How do I xfer SYS from Pali Wallet to Trezor?

self.SysCoin1m ago
EDIT: Solved. Pali Wallet extension, when run from Brave browser, does not show "Send" and "Receive" buttons. I installed Pali extension on Chrome, and was able to do everything smoothly. ​ I created a Pali wallet and sent some SYS there. Then I opened Pali and did "Connect Hardware Wallet" and connected my Trezor Model T, and copied the "Receive" address for the Pali Model T Account. I switched back to the original Pali (non-Model-T) account and am looking for a "Send" button, but I can't find one. How do I initiate a transfer from one Pali account to another? Can this be done directly within Pali? Do I need to interact with a dApp?